Dénomination enregistrée: ACORN INSTITUTE CANADA

Numéro d'entreprise: 843734278RR0001

Our Mission

We believe that the poverty, discrimination, and community deterioration that exists in low-income communities is a result of a lack of civic engagement, community leadership and financial literacy. The ACORN Institute Canada exists to address these deficiencies by providing research and training through the national non-profit organization ACORN Canada to low-income communities across the country.


ACORN Institute Canada (AIC) is a charitable organization that uses research and training to address the problems in low-income communities. We focus our work in a context that provides individuals and groups the means to act upon the information through educational and training sessions concerning leadership development, financial literacy, community organization models, and more. The research and training conducted by AIC will include information about issue campaigns concerning tenant rights, civil rights, living wages and more. AIC's unique leadership development capacity is effective because we engage people at their home, removing many barriers around transportation, childcare and insecurities for many people.

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