Dénomination enregistrée: Active Jewish Adults (AJA) 50+

Numéro d'entreprise: 894399419RR0001

Welcome to AJA 50+ (Active Jewish Adults)

Established in 2001, AJA 50+ was created as an organization to meet the needs of mature adults in the Jewish Community. AJA 50+ is largely volunteer-run by its members and provides year-round programming and social networking.

AJA 50+ welcomes anyone aged 50 and older. Our members include singles, couples, Jews, and non-Jews, those affiliated with synagogues and the Jewish Community, as well as those who have no Jewish affiliation.  Some of our members have lived in Ottawa most of their lives, while others are newcomers to the city.  Members are either retired or semi-retired.

AJA 50+ offers over 110 educational, cultural, recreational and social programs a year.  Programs are offered 52 weeks a year during daytime hours.  A 'day out' program, Creative Connections,  for elderly seniors is also offered one day a week which includes fitness, music and educational programming as well as a hot lunch and snacks.  

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