ALAS Dufferin

Dénomination enregistrée: Active Lives After School Dufferin

Numéro d'entreprise: 831592381RR0001

Active Lives After School is a non-profit community based day program for adults with developmental differences. Located in Orangeville ON and started by a group of parents who wanted a bright and engaging future for their young people after they finished their high school programs at age 21. ALAS Dufferin offers a variety of recreational and therapeutic activities for their group of active and energetic young people. Some of these activities include: art, creative movement, mindfulness through music, swimming, accessible martial arts, horseback riding, community gardening, yoga and much more!

ALAS Dufferin programs in a unique way: we are a day program that gives back. Part of our regular programming includes a program called Active Lives Active Giving which is a volunteering program in our community. It is based on the philosophy that we can ALL give back to our community, make a difference and be agents of change. We have partners with a variety of other local non profits and participants and staff deliver for Meals on Wheels, help at the local library, support the local conservation in environmental initiatives and volunteer at the local Habitat for Humanity Resotre. See the Active Lives Active Giving section on our website to learn more about this exciting program!

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