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Adaptable Outdoor Recreation Society

Dénomination enregistrée : Adaptable Outdoor Recreation Society

Numéro d'entreprise : 768867749RR0001

Adaptable Outdoors offers adaptive hiking, paddling and fishing programs to people living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.

Adaptable Outdoor Recreation Society

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Adaptable Outdoors provides outdoor recreation to children, adults and seniors living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities and their caregivers. Recreation and leisure programs were identified in 'The COVID 19 Disability Study', as one of the four greatest unmet needs for Candians living with a disability. As an organization we are responding to mental and physical health concerns, through meeting one the greatest unmet needs for a vulnerable population. Our adaptive recreation and leisure programs, also provide much needed social connection for our clients. Through the use of adaptive equipment, ingenuity and teamwork we make outdoor adventures accessible to people of all abilities, positively impacting their health quality of life and wellbeing. Providing participants and volunteers with opportunities to spend time in nature, try new activities, develop skills, and create meaningful social connections, helps individuals develop independence, healthy coping skills, and resilience. Our programs contribute to health and well-being through various phases of life. For example, we can provide opportunities for kids with disabilities to be included, and experience meaningful social interaction from a young age, laying a foundation for a lifetime of healthy living, or we might provide the first opportunity for someone after an injury to return to an activity they used to love, supporting their physical and mental recovery from trauma. We currently offer Adaptive Hiking, Adaptive Yoga, Adaptive Paddling and Adaptive Fishing programs from shore, kayak or canoe. We have a variety of adaptive equipment that helps us make these activities accessible to people of all abilities. For hiking we have an all-terrain wheelchair and a TrailRider which can make even the most rugged mountain trails accessible to wheelchair users, with the right team. For paddling we have fully adapted kayaks and a canoe, with outriggers for additional stability and specialized seating with full lateral support. We also have various aids to assist with gripping and moving a kayak paddle. For fishing we have various gripping aids and an electric rod/reel that allows the user to reel in a fish at the push of a button, stomp of the foot, flick of the head or sip of a straw. In addition to supporting mobility challenges, we also work hard to create a fun, inclusive environment where neurodiverse clients (those who experience, interact with, and interpret the world in unique ways) feel welcome and supported.


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