AEnon Baptist Church

Dénomination enregistrée: AENON BAPTIST CHURCH

Numéro d'entreprise: 106686959RR0001

 AEnon Baptist Church:

A warm welcome awaits you in this loving, family friendly church.  Come just as you are and enjoy a blend of contemporary and tradional music, scripture, prayer and biblical message. 

Projects we are supporting:

Refugee Ministry:
Our church along with others in our community have committed to support the Starfish Refugee Project and their goals to raise $40,000 to support refugee families in our community.  This is a community effort that our church has agreed to send the full amount received from Canada Helps to Starfish.  
Lighthouse Foodbank:
Our church has supported and continues to support our local food bank to help them meet the needs of individuals and families in our community who have food access problems.  
Our church supports families in need in our local area who need emergency assistance.
Short Term Projects:
Several times a year we have short term projects to support a wide range of mission, community and international initiatives.

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