Dénomination enregistrée: AFRICAN STAGES ASSOCIATION

Numéro d'entreprise: 856312509RR0001

Our Mission

African Stages (ASA-BC) mission is to target community groups especially youths with a focus on providing learning and educational support to new immigrants, racial minorities and disadvantaged children in the province of BC, We support these groups in seeking professional development by empowering them through cultural workshops, theatre, drama and performance activities and opportunities. The ASA-BC believes that proper education and integration of these groups into the Canadian society is a crucial step in creating a unified, safe and productive society. We employ the African traditional artistic medium of storytelling, music, dance and theatre to educate and guide these groups and to promote a sense of appreciation of the diversity and multiculturalism that Canada is renowned for around the world.


African Stages Association's activities are firmly entrenched in community engagement with a diverse spectrum of participants. Primarily, the organization facilitates the professional development of immigrant artists through training and workshops and by providing professional performance opportunities to African performance artists, as these opportunities are under-developed in British Columbia. Additionally, the company also takes a holistic view of the regional community and works closely with schools, community centres, youth centres, seniors centres and libraries to develop programs that integrate storytelling, dance, song and folklore into the education of the community inter-generationally and inter-racially.

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