Age Action Society of BC

Dénomination enregistrée: AGE ACTION SOCIETY OF BC

Numéro d'entreprise: 739350924RR0001

Age Action Society of BC is a charitable organization that supports aging seniors and their caregivers. We are located in Vernon, BC.

1. We offer programs and services that promote the wellness of our aging adults, helping them keep their independence so they can remain in their homes for as long as possible.

We provide these programs and services for the caregivers, giving them insight to the importance of staying healthy because they are not only responsible for managing their own lives, but are now assisting their loved ones and keeping them safe.

Here is a program we are currently offering:

         Time Out Adult Day Program

This is a 3-hour adult day program that engages aging seniors in group activities, providing conversation and companionship in a safe and fun    environment.

Dates: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 1 – 4 pm

Location: #5 - 3100 35th Street Vernon, BC

Who would join the group:

Seniors who want to keep physically and mentally active, seniors combating depression/isolation, seniors suffering from chronic disease, disabling disease and cognitive issues.

What are the benefits:

For the Participants We believe that physical and mental activity helps to prolong the                  symptoms of chronic diseases, mobility issues and cognitive issues. The      benefits of socializing makes the Participants feel important and gives              them a sense of belonging; the benefits of engaging in art projects gives  the Participants an opportunity to be creative, giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment when the project is completed.

 For the Caregivers We believe Caregivers will feel less anxious knowing their loved ones will be in a safe environment. Short periods of time (respite) can help a Caregiver re-energize. It also give them time to manage their own lives.

The program offers:

  • Discussion (local, interesting events and topics)
  • Brain stimulation games
  • Light exercise
  • Recreation (occasional outings)
  • Creativity through arts and crafts
  • Education on aging issues (occasional speakers)
  • A light nutritional snack
  • Visit our website to learn more about our TIME OUT Adult Day Program. 

2. Our goal is to be a “first stop resource centre” for information on services, programs, events, and all other related inquiries into the wellness of seniors.


Offer tips/suggestions on:Down-sizing, relocating to senior facility, safety measures in the home

Provide options for local senior support servicesCare providers including nursing care, non-nursing care, foot care,      transportation, errand running, home management, companionship

Venues around town (handi-capped access):Entertainment, attractions, clubs, events

3. We plan to hold self-run Caregiver Workshops. Caregivers come together and share their experiences in caring for their aging loved ones. Caregivers may find solutions for the more difficult situations that arise, relieving some stress. It is most important that caregivers look after their own health first and joining a group like this will give them tips on how to do this.

     Other Workshops

     Educational (Nutrition, legal, financial, wellness).

4. We strive to create awareness on the issues that seniors are faced with on a daily basis. To name a few: mobility, cognition, hearing/sight, transportation and accessibility. We need to show empathy and understanding to make the changes that will enable the seniors to remain active in their communities.

 Future Services and Programs we would like to do

  • A lending library for Alzheimers/Dementia products (games, fidget items)
  • The Time Out Adult Day Program to run 6 days a week
  • Additional programs aging adults
  • Educational seminars and workshops dealing with aging issues
  • A lunch program
  • A drop-in centre

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