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L' Agriculture en classe Saskatchewan

Dénomination enregistrée : AGRICULTURE IN THE CLASSROOM SASK. INC.

Numéro d'entreprise : 886874692RR0001

Les jeunes s'engagent avec l'agriculture et apprennent à savoir où leur nourriture provient, une alimentation saine et la durabilité.

L' Agriculture en classe Saskatchewan

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Our mission is to connect kids and agriculture through innovative, experiential, curriculum-based programs and resources.
The future workforce is in classrooms across the province! These students are the big thinkers and changemakers of our future, and we need them to be a part of the future of agriculture. AITC-SK experiences inspire students to see how they can make a difference in the world through agriculture.
In 2022, we provided 259,460 student experiences in 618 schools in 247 communities in Saskatchewan. An AITC experience encompasses a variety of agricultural learning opportunities such as a:
  • Classroom Presentation
  • Field trip to an ag event
  • Classroom Resource
    • storybooks
    • hands-on activities
    • virtual and interactive learning
  • Visit from an ag industry volunteer
  • Farm tour
  • Classroom Garden
Each student experience ingrains a piece of agriculture knowledge in students. They are like building blocks, each experience building on the previous to grow students' connection to and understanding of agriculture.
AITC experiences ignite a curiosity for food production and inspire students to see how they can play a role in this exciting industry. Last year we provided an impressive number of student experiences, but there is more to do. We need to continue providing meaningful agriculture experiences at all grade levels to ensure a strong future for our farmers, businesses, and food system!
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