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Al-Mustafa Academy Society

Dénomination enregistrée : Al-Mustafa Academy Society

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Al-Mustafa Academy Society

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Our Mission

a. To provide religious guidance to Muslim communities within the Lower Mainland.

b. To establish an educational environment to promote tolerance and understanding of Islam according to the Shi'ah School of thought to Muslim communities within the Lower Mainland using various mediums and resources.

c. Al-Mustafa Academy will strive to offer superior education in an environment rich with Islamic morals and values.


With the support of the greater Muslim community in the Lower Mainland, Al-Mustafa Academy, is currently in its 9th year of operation as of 2013. It is still in cooperation with Canadian Husseini Association, and we have successfully establishment a licensed Preschool and daycare as of April 2012.

We currently run:

-A licensed preschool ( 2nd year as of 2013)

-Weekend School for Cultural Classes, Quran Appreciation and Islamic Akhlaq ( 10th year as of 2013)

-A Dynamic Youth group – Muslim Youth in Motion ( 8th year as of 2013)

-Annual Summer youth camp ( 6th year as of 2013)

-Ladies Quran workshop ( 2nd year as of 2013)

Please help us and donate generously. We currently have permission to collect Sahm Imam to help us in the running of the school projects.

If you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.


C/O Azim Dahya & Company

235-11590 Cambie Road

Surrey, BC, V3S 9H4

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