Dénomination enregistrée: ALBERTA ECOTRUST FOUNDATION

Numéro d'entreprise: 135029825RR0001


When you contribute to Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, you support environmental projects and programs across the province from Fort Chipewyan to Pincher Creek for years to come. Working in partnership with others, we use our resources, insights and strengths to help community-led organizations protect the environment.

Protecting land and water, and reducing the impacts of climate change are top priorities for Albertans living in rural, urban or Indigenous communities. We recognize that our collective health and community prosperity come from the natural bounty of resources around us.

That is why Alberta Ecotrust invests in a diverse range of local and regional activities that result in healthier ecosystems by:

  • Conserving and protecting the quantity and quality of water in lakes and streams to ensure healthy aquatic habitat and availability for human use
  • Protecting or enhancing the ecological function of native and developed landscapes to improve biodiversity, wildlife habitat and connectivity and land use management
  • Reducing emissions, conserving energy and advancing renewable energy sources

Our work to protect the environment includes:

  1. Financially supporting hundreds of community-based environmental projects and programs.
  2. Bringing environmental champions from all sectors together to develop collaborative approaches and projects for solutions that protect Alberta ecosystems.
  3. Hosting and facilitating workshops and events for the general public, government agencies, charities and communities to design and deliver effective environmental projects that yield results.
  4. Leading a Social Innovation Lab that takes a systems approach to watershed planning and protection.

It is more and more urgent that we support and invest in the people who work on solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges. We hope you agree! Please make a donation and support this important work today.

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