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We are a grassroots organization that educates, advocates and provides resources to achieve comprehensive and quality hospice, palliative and end-of-life care for all Albertans.

What We Do

AHPCA supports professionals and volunteers to help them provide good quality hospice palliative care. How do we do that?

  1. Roadshows   Every year AHPCA runs a series of full-day workshops on palliative care training and development. Over 2,700 Albertans have attended Roadshow over the past eight years.
  2. Scholarships  AHPCA grants an annual scholarship to up to three volunteers who work in palliative care, to enable them to further their education and training. Volunteers are the backbone of palliative care and need to be supported.
  3. Awards  AHPCA grants an annual award to an individual who is an unpaid palliative caregiver. The work of informal palliative caregivers is vital to the independence and dignity of the people they help.
  4. Imagine Conferences  Every year, AHPCA hosts a conference for hospice palliative care organizations from across Alberta to learn about palliative care issues, share developments from their communities, and connect with each other to strengthen the network. Typically, about 50 people attend from 25 different organizations.

AHPCA helps people access good quality hospice palliative care services. How do we do that?

  1. Resource Directory  AHPCA maintains an online directory of Alberta-wide palliative care services, accessible to anyone.
  2. LIFE Videos  We recognize that not everyone has immediate access to services to help them cope with the natural stresses associated with hospice palliative care. AHPCA created a series of short videos on topics like vicarious trauma and caregiver burnout, meant to provide answers and support to anybody at any time.

AHPCA raises public and political awareness of hospice palliative care. How?

  1. Events Calendar  The AHPCA online calendar tracks upcoming educational opportunities and local events.
  2. Social Media  AHPCA promotes those upcoming events on our social media channels. We also highlight relevant news and articles relating to hospice palliative care issues.
  3. Government Relations  We liase with the provincial government and make recommendations that recognize the importance of supporting hospice palliative care in Alberta.
  4. Marketing Education  We facilitated a webinar to empower hospice groups to market and promote themselves.

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