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Our Mission

The purpose of the Society is to promote understanding and comprehensive management of lakes and reservoirs and their watersheds.

ALMS works to build understanding and awareness among Albertans for responsible management of aquatic ecosystems through programs, partnerships, and information sharing. Our vision is of Albertans enjoying the benefits of healthy lake and aquatic environments, with an understanding of the responsibilities needed to achieve this vision. ALMS hopes that with increased understanding comes the appreciation and desire to work within an ecological framework to ensure a sustainable future for healthy lake and aquatic ecosystems.

About Alberta Lake Management Society

ALMS and its members are active across Alberta in providing support to individuals, local communities, educational institutions, governments and industry that are interested in lake and watershed management. The Society organizes an annual workshop at a different Alberta lake community each fall. The workshop provides a forum to discuss water quality issues, technical aspects of lake and watershed management, and practical solutions to local problems. Each ALMS member receives our newsletter, The New Wave. ALMS is also widely recognized through its two community-based water quality sampling programs called Lakewatch and Alberta Water Quality Awareness (AWQA).

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