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All IN Family Peer Support Organization

Dénomination enregistrée : 10102564 Manitoba Association Inc.

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All IN Family is Your Go-to Family Peer Support Org Who Supports the Family as They Support Those Struggling with Mental Health/Addiction

All IN Family Peer Support Organization

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All IN Family Peer Support Organization

Supporting the Family on Their Mental Health Journey

When one member of the family is struggling with mental health challenges and/or addictions, it impacts every member of the family.

ALL IN Family Peer Support is a non-profit organization that uses lived experience to ensure all family members who are caring for those who are struggling are receiving the necessary support that they also require.

So often the family is not thought of on this journey.

Currently All IN Family is supporting over 1500 families across Canada and that number keeps growing daily as the need for mental health supports is more prevalent than ever before.

The team at ALL IN Family consists of trained family peer support workers who know firsthand what that looks like and can offer support to families as they walk that mental health journey with their family member.

All IN Family offers to families, one on one peer support, peer support groups, peer navigation, and peer support workshops. 

Peer support is just another added piece to a family's mental health story and often peer support is that added piece that was so missing and so needed.

Our Mission:

Through the lens of lived experience of family members in relation to mental health and/or addictions, provide value-based peer support, workshops and education that build a community of understanding, acceptance and hope for family members while supporting their own wellbeing.

 Family to us, is whatever family is to you.



Winnipeg, MB, R2J 4E1

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