Alumier Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée: Alumier Foundation

Numéro d'entreprise: 840517486RR0001

While AlumierMD may be known as the revolutionary clean medical skincare brand, it also has another critical mission at its heart, that of the charitable work carried out through the Alumier Foundation.

The foundation’s main project in South Africa is the Nhlengelo Primary School situated near the Timbavati nature reserve and the famous Kruger National Park. Before the foundation stepped in, the children at this remote school were having their lessons in rundown buildings and outside under a marula tree.

The school only accommodated 30 pupils or “learners” as they are known, so many students were forced to walk 10 kilometers to the nearest school along dangerous roads or they didn’t go to school at all. Initial funds for the project were raised independently. However, it was decided that to give ongoing support and to help create a school that could benefit the whole community, the project would need a regular source of financial aid, and that was the impetus for the formation of the Alumier Foundation.

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