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Aluna Theatre

Dénomination enregistrée : Aluna Theatre

Numéro d'entreprise : 851241018RR0001

Aluna Theatre creates & presents artistically innovative & culturally diverse performances, with a focus on Latin Canadian & women artists.

Aluna Theatre

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Our Mission

The artistic mission of Aluna Theatre is to embody the bursting cultural myriad of voices and stories of our population, transforming the landscape of Canadian theatre. Our new plays, works in translation, and international co-creations inspire a theatre that represents people as human beings, and not as stereotypes. We encourage new hybrids of theatre evolved from a rich collaboration of experiences, performance traditions and media, by engaging both emerging and established theatre professionals. Our work reaches out to communities to attract new diverse audiences in Canada and abroad, to build liaisons that promote art as way to empower, and to share with each other and the world how to live in harmony.

About Aluna Theatre

Aluna Theatre creates, develops and produces artistically innovative and culturally diverse performance work, with a focus on Latin Canadian artists and women. Aluna produces two festivals: RUTAS (for International Pan-american performance) and CAMINOS (of new works-in-progress).


1 Wiltshire Ave

Unit 124

Toronto, ON, M6N 2V7

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