Ambrose University

Dénomination enregistrée: AMBROSE UNIVERSITY

Numéro d'entreprise: 872804406RR0001

Our Mission

Ambrose University prepares men and women for wise, joyful, and redemptive engagement in the church, society, and the created order through excellent Christian post-secondary education.

About Ambrose University

Ambrose is a Christian university college. Throughout our history, our goal has remained constant - to be a place where students can experience a truly meaningful time of growth and transformation.

We are a degree-granting, provincially accredited centre of academic excellence that weaves community life and spiritual formation into all our programs.

We offer provincially accredited Bachelor of Arts degree programs including Behavioural Science, Business Administration, Christian Studies, English Literature, General Studies, History and Music as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

We are also recognized by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, allowing us to offer professional Ministry degrees.

We are located in South West Calgary on a campus that overlooks the Rocky Mountains. For more information visit us online at:

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