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Amecet Ministries

Dénomination enregistrée : Amecet Ministries

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Amecet Ministries

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Our Mission

In partnership with regional organizations, we establish training centres that provide curriculums and spiritual parenting in Christian principles for ministry leaders, growing together to be released as sons and daughters in Christ. Our goal is to create an environment where organic and culturally sensitive solutions to local needs are imagined and realized. We do this through a comprehensive philosophy of ministry which begins with Christian principle teaching and ends with real and practical solutions that provide life sustaining, and spiritually enriching services. We base our mission on the practice of providing resources to meet the immediate and desperate, spiritual and physical needs of societies with the end result being the establishment of necessary and permanent institutions that will transform individuals and nations.

About Amecet Ministries

Amecet Ministries employs a modular system of training for ministry leaders with the goal of immersing them in Kingdom concepts especially through relationships. Based on biblical foundations, the curriculum is designed to provide a transportable working knowledge of Christian Principles that can be taught at the individual and community level. We believe this training is critical to rebuilding a society that has been devastated by war, disease, and famine.

Another vital component of what we do is to partner with local churches in conducting gospel services and small group meetings to bring the message of hope and renewal to unreached and under reached areas. We intend to become part of the cultural dynamic of the nations we serve and fully experience all the characteristics of the image and likeness of God as expressed by each individual and cultural group.


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