Dénomination enregistrée: AMICI CAMPING CHARITY

Numéro d'entreprise: 132057050RR0001

Amici’s Mission

To foster personal growth and life-long skills in children with financial need through multi-year access to the unique environment of camp.

Amici’s Vision

All children have the right to develop their full potential.


It all started in 1966, when a few teenage campers saved up enough money over two summers to pay for one young boy to have his first camp experience. Over time they began to support a few more camping experiences each year. Amici’s founders believed that camp had the power to unlock kids’ potential and that kids had a chance to become leaders thanks to the power of camp.

As more donors and believers in the power of camp came on board, Amici and its program grew, supporting 300 campers at 44 partner camps in 2019.

What makes us different?

1/ We commit to sending each child to camp year after year, until they are too old to be a camper, or until the financial need no longer exists.

2/ We partner with 44 camps that are all accredited by the Ontario Camping Association (OCA).

Why do we do this?

Amici believes in the tremendously positive effects that a camping experience can offer young boys and girls. Summer camp not only provides young people with an exciting opportunity to learn activities and skills, but also enables them to develop character as well as social and leadership abilities.

Thank you for sharing the gift of summer camp! 

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