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Amici Curiae Friendship Society

Dénomination enregistrée : Amici Curiae Friendship Society

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Amici Curiae Friendship Society

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The ability to independently access the legal system is a challenge for ordinary British Columbians. More and more people are trying to resolve legal matters on their own, however most are unfamiliar with how to properly prepare legal forms or prepare for a hearing. Amici Curiae Friendship Society (AC) provides legal assistance to individuals who require help drafting or filling out legal forms. AC’s services are provided on the principle of equal access to justice. This means going beyond the application of a simple financial eligibility test. Equal access to justice includes an assessment of an individual’s capacity to navigate what has become a complex and inaccessible legal system for many British Columbians. And this principle of equal access to justice has become even more relevant as we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.  

AC is a non-profit charity offering confidential workshops that help the public complete the legal forms necessary to present a matter to court or a tribunal.  It is powered by paralegals, newly called lawyers, law school students, law librarians and law accountants, supervised by lawyers and supported by the profession. No legal advice is given on anything other than completing legal forms.

The public service programme was launched in September 2010 by Dom Bautista, Executive Director of Law Courts Center, encouraged by then Supreme Court of BC Chief Justice Donald Brenner.  The first workshop was held in February 8, 2011, in partnership with Access Pro Bono BC and the Ministry of the Attorney General Justice Access Centre (Vancouver).

Since then, workshops have been established through a network of strategic partnerships. There are 4 in-person workshops currently suspended during the available. Virtual services are available for British Columbians.

On November 21, 2019, the Society became a registered charity under the Income Tax Act​The Board of Directors oversees the work of AC. The Board provides policy direction aimed at achieving AC’s goal of effectively increasing access to justice. 

The Board is chaired by a Justice of the BC Supreme Court who is joined by a Provincial Court Judge, 2 members of the public, 3 lawyers, a mediator/arbitrator, a chartered accountant and a paralegal. Read the Amici Curiae story. Our CV.If you want to donate tax deductible contributions, please go here. Our brochure.


“Amici Curiae”意为“法庭之友”。法庭之友社团(ACFS)是一家协助卑诗居民起草法庭表格的非牟利机构。









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