Dénomination enregistrée: Amistad Canada

Numéro d'entreprise: 857317259RR0001

Our Mission

Since 2010, AMISTAD CANADA has been dedicated to improving the lives of people in need through better health, education and social justice. Our projects are in Mexico.

AMISTAD CANADA will appeal to:

- Canadians who feel a strong connection to Mexico because they are residents or snowbirds and want to respond to the many Mexicans who have welcomed them into their country;

- Canadians whose work and personal lives relate to our program activities;

- Canadians with personal and family ties to Latin America;

- And, of course, we hope it will appeal to all Canadians who are committed to helping people in need wherever they are.


AMISTAD CANADA currently works with 14 Mexican non-profits.

With LA BIBLIOTECA DE SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, we have a Canadian Education Project, which provides scholarships, free classes and books for young Mexican students.

With CASA, a centre for family and reproductive health, we have two projects. They help to fund maternal care and a mobile rural library program.

With LA CATALINA FOUNDATION we provide supplemental education and scholarships to children, teens and young adults in and around La Manzanilla, Jalisco.

With the CHILDREN’S ART FOUNDATION, by contributing to teacher salaries and the purchase of supplies, we help to provide a recognized art education program for disadvantaged children.

With FEED THE HUNGRY we sponsor school kitchens, thereby helping FTH deliver balanced meals, nutrition education, and ancillary programs to hungry children in economically disadvantaged communities.

With JÓVENES ADELANTE we provide scholarships, computers and other services to qualified students in San Miguel de Allende who seek a university education.

With MUJERES EN CAMBIO we provide scholarships and support to girls and young women in the poor rural communities around San Miguel de Allende.

With OPERA SAN MIGUEL we provide grants for opera students that help them to develop their skills, obtain mentoring and seek performance opportunities.

With PATRONATO PRO NIÑOS, by contributing to the purchase and maintenance of mobile dental vans, we are helping to bring dental and other medical care to children from economically disadvantaged families in rural areas of San Miguel.

With POR LOS NINOS DE ZIHUA we support scholarships and healthy school lunches for children in and around the resort community of Zihautanejo.

With PROGRAMA PRO NIÑOS INCAPACITADOS DEL LAGO we provide counseling and financial help to poor Mexican families in the Lake Chapala area of Jalisco who have children with serious disabilities or life threatening illnesses.

With the SAN MIGUEL SCHOOL FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION we help to fund scholarships that support education for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

With SOME (So Other May Eat) we contribute to a weekly healthy lunch program for poor senior citizens in San Miguel de Allende; they also receive medical counselling.

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