Anandam Dancetheatre Productions

Dénomination enregistrée: Anandam Dancetheatre Productions

Numéro d'entreprise: 824795066RR0001

Our Mission

Anandam Dancetheatre celebrates the multifaceted world of contemporary performance by creating work through collaborative, dance-based entry points within cross-genre (circus, theatre, site-specific) and poly-cultural (European, Indian) perspectives.


Animating the intersections between traditional and contemporary practices, Anandam brings artists and audiences together through highly physical, revisionist and unconventional contemporary programming, including public participatory productions in diverse contexts and interactive educational programs.


Through our work, Anandam continually interconnects and engages with diverse local, national, and international practices and publics.

About Anandam Dancetheatre Productions

Anandam develop works of contemporary dancetheatre that explore non-traditional environments, that seek out new relationships to space and new engagements with audiences. The choreographies we develop are emotionally poignant, experimentally exciting and contribute to a distinct Canadian and contemporary choreographic viewpoint.

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