Ancaster Agricultural Society


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Since 1850

As a registered not-for-profit charitable organization, the Ancaster Agricultural Society (AAS) has had deep roots in Ancaster since it began in 1850 with the first Ancaster Fair 169 years ago. Each year, the Fair welcomes 40,000+ visitors of all ages and from all walks of life. It takes 35 committees with approximately 400 volunteers (many 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th generation) working throughout the year to make it happen.

Tradeshows & Events

Although the AAS is widely recognized for the Ancaster Fair, many people do not realize that the fairgrounds host numerous tradeshows and events year-round. With over 400,000 visitors per year, our facility is used by many community members, businesses, livestock organizations, festivals and commodity groups for a wide variety of events. We also offer four weeks Ancaster Fair Summer Camp, as well as two Agricultural Education days for grade 3 & 4 students each spring.

Capital Campaign

Since the move to our new location on Trinity Road in 2009, the Ancaster Agricultural Society has invested over $22 million in our existing infrastructure and are planning for long-term future growth with an additional $5 million investment in new facilities. Our current 90,000 sq ft livestock, tradeshow and event facilities are at capacity and it is rare to find a free weekend throughout the year. In fact, we are turning away large shows due to the limited availability of our current facility.

By adding a new 75,000 sq ft building, our goal is to be the premier equestrian, livestock, tradeshow and event facility in Southern Ontario. As a society with a focus on agriculture, the new building will give us the opportunity to seek large agricultural events to encourage country to meet city. Availability of such a facility will also encourage participants to stay in Canada for events rather than venture to the USA for competitions.

Mission Statement

The Ancaster Agricultural Society through dedicated volunteers and staff efforts, endeavours to enrich agricultural and community life in Ancaster and surrounding areas.


The Ancaster Agricultural Society, and its volunteers, provide a forum for the betterment of agriculture and community life.

Charitable & Corporate Values

• Exemplary customer service
• Excellent work environment
• Self-sustaining organization
• Innovative and progressive
• Being good stewards of the land

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