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The Animal Rescue Coalitions Nova Scotia is dedicated to the care and protection of domesticated animals in our community, and outlying areas. Our main source of income and supplies is fundraising and donations, and the sole source of manpower is from volunteers.

ARC provides temporary care and shelter to helpless animals in distress whether abandoned, homeless or relinquished.

A) To Establish and maintain a no-kill, non-profit, community based society which would:

1. Provide shelter to:

a) Domesticated animals which might otherwise be killed. Our society will work with any organization for the welfare of the animals, whereby we would take in dogs which would not normally be up for adoption for various reasons

b) Abandoned domesticated animals such as stray dogs and animals given up by their owners. This society will provide this animals with adequate living conditions through our volunteer foster program

2. To provide good care to animals in our custody in order to keep them emotionally and physically healthy and so ready for adoption

3. Find good homes for these animals in a reasonable period of time through different channels. With applicants giving personal and vet references, and being thoroughly checked out

B) To help stop privation/neglect of all domesticated animals

1. In the case of domesticated animals experiencing privation/neglect, the society will within it’s power help relieve the animal’s distress. They experience life-long loneliness, isolation and deprivation for freedom, day in day out. Right now there are no laws to protect these emotionally abused dogs which may become aggressive or depressed as a result of neglect

2. If a case of privation/neglect is reported the society will ;

a) check the animals living conditionsb) give advice and suggest changesc) re-visit to see progressd) offer to take care of the animale) report to the cruelty investigation line of the SPCA, and animal control

C) To promote the moral and humane treatment of all animals

1. Create public awareness of the importance of

a)moral and humane treatment of all animalsb) how violence against animals leads to violence against other human beingsc) spaying/neutering of pets stop the over population of unwanted animals

2. Helping to promote and lobby stricter Animal Protection Laws

3. Co-operating with other animal welfare groups on such activities

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