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Apinds Empowerment Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée : Apinds Empowerment Foundation

Numéro d'entreprise : 762705549RR0001

Récupération après sinistre inondations en faisant un don aidez en douceur les enfants sinistrés après une inondation dévastatrice.

Apinds Empowerment Foundation

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ApindsEF is an organisation set up exclusively for the advancement to viable community projects and activities ranging from food production, technology and culture, education and literacy, primary health care, rural income generation in both Africa/Asia.

While having a visible presence in Africa ApindsEF know how Rural Communities Sustain Sanitation Gains Qualitative Comparative Analyses of Community-Led Approaches by our volunteers Part of our strategy involves working with communities and development partners utilising existing traditional methods of identifying needs to develop village based plans.

Emphasis is on current scientific methods of participatory rural appraisal to develop community action plans. These enable communities to have a greater feeling of ownership of projects. Thereby, community members are better encouraged to fully participate in projects to ensure their continuity.

We hypothesised three step categories of community conditions underlying sustainability by engagement of community people, also follow-up intensity, and support to poor households. We evaluated these among communities across all demographics region in rural Africa/ Asia

Reach out and provide a helping hand to those most in need by Maximising best search for ways to save and improve lives the most with every dollar. We use truth-Seeking as key reason and evidence to make decisions. We keep an open mind, ask difficult questions, change course based on new information, and learn from our mistakes We are transparent and share extensively about our work, approach, and views, including what we do and do not know, the sources that inform us, and what would change our minds.

We want to enable others to evaluate our conclusions We make emphasising Considerateness in an intentional effort to do our work in a way that is respectful of people inside and outside of ApindsEF.

We consider the needs, interests, and perspectives of others


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