Dénomination enregistrée: AQUEDUCT FOUNDATION

Numéro d'entreprise: 866087034RR0001

Our Mission

Aqueduct Foundation serves as a neutral channel or “bridge” to flow funds to registered Canadian charities and qualified donees, and to facilitate planning of significant philanthropic gifts.


NOTE: For gifts over $1,000.00, please contact us directly at

Aqueduct Foundation is guided by three core principles:

1. Facilitating personal philanthropy. Personal philanthropy is grounded in the vision, values and deeply-held beliefs of individual donors. Aqueduct is cause neutral and operates personal foundations, or donor advised funds. Your foundation supports the charities you identify.

2. Smart planning. Aqueduct specializes in exceptional gifts – those rare gifts from assets that require financial and estate planning. We have unrivalled experience with customized, tax-wise plans, and gifts of complex assets. These are not everyday donations.

3. Philanthropic flexibility. Aqueduct is a bridge to other charities. At Aqueduct, you decide what cause or charity to support, how much they will receive, and when the grant is made. We provide flexibility in giving and structuring legacies backed by a deep knowledge of charities.

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