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Our sport grants have been leveling the playing field financially for low income Brantford families for over ten years. We assist parents and caregivers who may have limited financial freedom to provide opportunities for their children to experience an active lifestyle in an organized sport. Participating in sport has many recorded and documented values for children and youth but also to families and to the community.

Eligible  Brantford families can apply yearly to receive financial sports grants of up to $350 per child, to use toward registration fees for the sport of their choice. Parents are encouraged after deciding on a sport to participate in, to fill out our quick and easy online application form or download and print off a form from our website to mail into our office.

Once a complete application is received, a board member will review and approve the grant. The sport is then contacted to verify that the child is registered in the program before the payment is sent to the organization. This process can take between 4-6 weeks so it is asked that parents submit grant requests with all the required information and proper documentation a month before the start date of the sport. Retroactive payments after the start date of the program are not accepted.

The Arnold Anderson Sport Fund would not be able to provide this service if it were not for the generous support we receive from our caring and genuine community members and partner organizations.

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