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Dénomination enregistrée : ARRAYMUSIC

Numéro d'entreprise : 118790237RR0001

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Arraymusic has been Canada’s leading contemporary music company since 1972

Arraymusic’s mission is to ignite and sustain a passion for contemporary Canadian musical art within an international, interdisciplinary context.

We seek to foster and advance exceptional contemporary music by embracing, supporting and collaborating with emerging, established and diverse creators across the disciplines and territories – and by deeply engaging audiences.

Three inter-related programs define what Array does, why we do it, and how we realize our goals:

1. Array's Contemporary Music Program – Produces/Presents/Supports Who & What’s Best in Contemporary Music:

• Commissions/improvises music; and

• Mentors/incubates other new music groups;

• Performs, presents/co-presents and co-creates.

2. Array's Creative Music Hub – Utilizes Array's Space to Foster A Creative Music Hub:

• Provides space and shares capabilities; and

• Brings diverse participants together to strengthen community.

3. Array For All – Develops Audiences Through Innovative Engagement:

• Embraces diverse participants and offers hands-on/educational events; as well as

• Employs digital recording and distribution means.

Arraymusic believes that experiencing art can give rise to real change, that when one engages art fully, subtle but profound positive transformations can take place which can impact communities and enhance our lives. Arraymusic is devoted to producing/presenting speculative new music that creates more questions than answers (for musicians and listeners).

We aim to offer experiences that more than please and satisfy. Through sharing music involved in explorations that find wonder in the discovery of the unexpected, our imagination is stimulated, questions are raised, alternative ways of thinking are considered, and idea exchanges take place.


155 Walnut Ave.


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