Dénomination enregistrée: ARROW RIVER FOREST HERMITAGE

Numéro d'entreprise: 119949774RR0001


The Arrow River Forest Hermitage is located near Thunder Bay, Ontario on 92 acres of forested land adjoining the Arrow River. We have seven individual cabins for the monks, steward and retreatants. Retreats are usually arranged on an individual basis, with daily instruction and interviews with a teacher but most time spent in solitude. Our other facilities include a meditation hall and kitchen, a workshop and a sauna. We are off the grid and facilities are rustic but comfortable.

Vision: To preserve and propagate the Buddha’s teachings.

Mission: Provide a place for Theravadin Thai Forest Buddhist practice under the guidance of an ordained monastic that is freely offered.

Objectives of Arrow River Forest Hermitage

1) To teach Buddhist theory and practice./Accomplished by offering: Dhamma talks on-site, (weekly), Dhamma talks off-site, (monthly), a resource centre, information posted on our website, podcasts, newsletters and book study groups.

2) To provide requisites for one or more monastics, while in residence./Accomplished by offering: financial support, housing, food, medicines and clothing and property maintenance.

3) Develop stewardship opportunities/to those who wish to serve. Ensure the Hermitage operates on Dana, the principle of generosity and service.

4) To offer meditation instruction and a facility for practice/. Accomplished through support of group and individual meditation retreats where daily instruction is received and participant accommodations and needs are supported on-site.

5) To support opportunities for Buddhist study/. Accomplished through resources provided by the Learning Centre and scholarly leadership provided by an ordained monastic for studies in Pali language, Suttas, and relevant Buddhist writings.

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