Dénomination enregistrée: THE A.I.A. ARTS IN ACTION SOCIETY

Numéro d'entreprise: 131543886RR0001

Our Mission

The In the House Festival believes that art and culture are crucial to creating a vibrant society and building community. It seeks to connect people and bring awareness to the vast array of cultures and performance genres that exists in Vancouver.

About ARTS IN ACTION - In the House Festival

The In the House Festival brings live performances of all kinds (including all genres of music, dance, theatre, storytelling, spoken word, burlesque, and more) into the homes of Vancouver. Living rooms and backyards become intimate cultural spaces where artists can perform to an attentive audience, promote their talents and freely explore their genre. Shows are multicultural, multi-disciplinary and open to all ages.

It is a space where audience can connect closely with each other,meet new people, create friendships and experience artists face to face.

There are several components to In the House.

1)The In the House Festival which takes place the first weekend of June. 13 houses open up their doors to over 70 acts over 3 days.

2)A yearly performance-based haunted house which is visually stunning and leads the audience through a story told through theatre, music, circus and dance vignettes.

3)Story-book pop-up dinner/theatre shows such as Alice in Wonderland and more.

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