ArtsBuild Ontario

Dénomination enregistrée: Artsbuild Ontario Charitable Organization

Numéro d'entreprise: 851620351RR0001

ArtsBuild Ontario is the only organization in Ontario dedicated to helping arts organizations build, manage and finance sustainable facilities.  We provide cost-effective programs, tools and resources to help Ontario's 700+ arts organizations develop and maintain the facilities they have and need.


By donating to ArtsBuild Ontario, you are helping us continue to provide valuable services for arts organizations to build and maintain the creative spaces that make Ontario communities vibrant places to live. Your money goes towards supporting the programs that have benefited hundreds of nonprofit arts organizations through ABO's programs, research and advocacy.

Programs, tools, resources and workshops include:

  • Brick&Mortar an online searchable database that houses the information collected from nonprofit arts facilities across the province.
  • SpaceFindera free matchmaking tool for renters looking for creative space, and spaces looking to promote their rentals.
  • LEARN IT | BUILD IT | MANAGE ITa two-day workshop to strengthen the management and financial capacity of nonprofits around facilities.
  • Energize Microloan Fund for the Artsa microloan fund to provide Ontario’s nonprofit arts organizations with the opportunity to finance small energy efficient projects.
  • PLAN IT | BUILD ITan online guide to planning and completing capital projects.
  • Resource Library – an online curated resource of articles, videos, guidelines and case studies related to arts facilities.


Facilities are the places where arts and culture happen. Healthy facilities, healthy artistic capability, healthy organizations and healthy finances are the four hallmarks of a thriving arts and culture sector.

Yet despite their importance, facilities are the most under-resourced component of arts operations. Which is why providing tools and resources to help our arts organizations run sustainable facilities is so important for Ontario's arts organizations. 

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