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Aspire Richmond

Dénomination enregistrée : ASPIRE RICHMOND SUPPORT SOCIETY

Numéro d'entreprise : 107895591RR0001

Aspire provides supports for infants with special needs, children and adults with developmental disabilities to to live their best lives.

Aspire Richmond

À propos

Thriving, connected, happy lives.

From infancy through adulthood, Aspire Richmond (formerly Richmond Society for Community Living) supports people with developmental disabilities to define, discover and advocate for their self-determined goals, passions and happiness.

Aspire provides supports to more than 1000 individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. With a proven track record providing innovative services for 40 years, Aspire supports people throughout the entire lifespan. This includes early intervention services for infants and children; a fully inclusive preschool and day care; a unique out-of-school program for youth; transitions planning for students preparing to leave the school system; day programs for adults which focus on community inclusion, volunteerism and employment; and a range of housing options for adults.


170-7000 MINORU BLVD


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