Astrolabe Musik Theatre

Dénomination enregistrée: Astrolabe Musik Theatre Society

Numéro d'entreprise: 819832254RR0001


Through performance we innovate, create, and collaborate so that we can engage, challenge, enrich, and inspire. 

Astrolabe Musik Theatre creates compelling, multi-disciplinary works, frequently performed in site-specific/alternative venues, by pushing traditional boundaries of classical vocal music. Particularly passionate about Canadian creators and performers, Astrolabe is dedicated to creating, commissioning, and performing works by Canadian artists. By imaginatively reinterpreting established repertoire and creating original work, we create cultural connections, reach out to diverse communities, and foster active audience engagement. 

OUR VISION: We see a world where music thrives beyond charted boundaries.


Since 2011, Astrolabe has presented ten productions, profiled by media across Canada. We've programmed the work of 21 Canadian composers—12 of them women—and world premiered eight Canadian compositions, 7 by women composers.

Our 2014 world premiere production of Barbara Pentland / Dorothy Livesay's 1954 opera The Lake / n’-ha-a-itk (co-produced with Turning Point Ensemble in collaboration with Westbank First Nation) is the focus of a short documentary film produced by Opus 59 Films / Canadian Music Centre BC. In Passing (presented as part of the City of Vancouver's 150th birthday celebrations) broke taboos of silence around death and dying. Our audiences have joined us at wineries, art galleries, heritage structures, and underground in copper mines. We've shone a light on ambitions thwarted by alcoholism, lingered in gardens to calm and delight our senses, and given voice to the silenced stories of unheard women in history, mytholgy and literature.

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