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Our Mission

Mission: To improve the lives of women and their families affected by addiction through treatment; advocacy and education; in a safe and supportive environment.

Vision: Leader in the treatment of addiction for women in Canada.

Aventa is a gender-specific alcohol and drug treatment, and recovery centre for women. For over 40 years, Aventa has been successful in providing treatment, education, and support to women and their families. We offer women struggling with drug, alcohol, gambling, and nicotine addictions, the opportunity for a healthy life and a new direction through prevention, treatment, education and support.

Aventa provides individualized addiction treatment services with special emphasis on women who are pregnant, and mothers in their child-bearing years. Aventa utilizes a holistic approach to treating women by using a biological, psychological, social and spiritual model.

By assisting mothers and pregnant women with their alcohol and drug addictions, Aventa helps to prevent the occurrence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and break the cycle of addiction.

Many women dealing with addictions have multi-faceted problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling, domestic abuse, food, and mental health issues, emphasizing the need for treatment which can address more than one addiction/health problem at a time. It has been researched and demonstrated that addictions in women exist for different reasons and manifest in different forms than addictions in men, underlining the need for gender-specific treatment.

Due to women’s histories of violence and trauma, gender-specific treatment provides a safe opportunity for treatment and recovery. Aventa’s programs place an emphasis on providing an environment that is safe, supportive, and establishes a clear recovery process for women. At Aventa we work every day at breaking the cycle of addiction; our experience has taught us that Healthy Women translate to Healthy Families.


Aventa’s Recovery Model was developed by Dr. Stephanie Covington, using a trauma-informed approach based on theory, research, and clinical experience. Treatment focuses on the connection between trauma and substance abuse in women’s lives.

Phase I offers priority admission for pregnant women who require immediate support and stabilization.

Phase II is a 6 week intensive residential program providing therapeutic individual and group counselling.

Young Adult Treatment(YAT) is a collaboration between AHS and Aventa, for women 18-24.

Phase III is a 3 month residential treatment program at our long-term facility available to women who have completed Phase II or YAT and offers individual and group counselling with a strong educational and skill building component.

Aventa also provides a continuum of services, which include access to a physician who specializes in addiction medicine, a psychiatrist and nursing staff.

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