Dénomination enregistrée: AXIS THEATRE SOCIETY

Numéro d'entreprise: 118797760RR0001

Our Mission

Axis Theatre Company exists to create exceptional physical theatre for the young and young at heart - exploring aspects of clown, Commedia dell ‘Arte, music, movement and puppetry to produce professional original productions.


Through the vision of Artistic Director Chris McGregor and General Manager Daune Campbell, Axis Theatre Company has developed world-class, highly original theatre that tours North America. The company actively pursues a multi-disciplinary style of presentation, incorporating many theatrical disciplines including live music, clown, puppetry and acrobatics underscored by inventive text and improvisation.

In the age of looking down at electronics, Axis Theatre draws young eyes up to engage them in interactive and relevant live theatre. The arts can help young people carve out their place in society. We have witnessed that theatre ignites the imagination, providing young people with the creative influence they need to navigate the complex world we live in, gives them access to specialized skills and inspires curiosity. Axis aspires to reach a wide age and cultural demographic, providing avenues for artistic expression, positive communication and opportunities for the audience to engage and participate during our productions. 

Shows on Tour

Our 2019-2020 season has seen some great tours from our three current shows. Somebody Loves You, Mr.Hatch, adapted for stage by Chris McGregor, is a puppet play for audiences age 3 and up featuring three female puppeteers that examines how a simple gesture can have a great impact on a lonely existence. Th’owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish by Kwantlen playwright Joseph A. Dandurand, is a tale inspired by First Nation stories about a spirit inhabited feast dish that has an appetite for children. Our third show, The Troll Grandfather, by Clem Martini follows a brave young girl who learns of a part of her identity she never knew existed and goes on a quest to unite her family.

Each season, Axis Theatre Company tours into schools and theatres in BC, nationally and internationally. Our award-winning creativity has earned us recognition as one of BC’s cultural institutions, including being named BC Touring Council’s Artistic Company of the Year in 2017 and receiving 19 Jessie Richardson Awards for excellence in theatre. Our performances and workshops reach thirty to one hundred thousand spectators each season. Axis has created 59 original productions over 44 years. That history ignites a dynamic artistic vision and inspires the current repertoire.

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