AY/Alternatives for Youth


Numéro d'entreprise: 129129078RR0001

Our Mission

Mission Statement: Alternatives for Youth empowers youth to make positive choices that minimize the harm of substance use or addiction and to be engaged in positive ways with their community.

Vision: We envision a future where youth are not harmed by substance use or addiction, and are engaged in positive ways within their community.

Values: accessibility, inclusion, openness, empowerment and flexibility.

About AY/Alternatives for Youth

Alternatives for Youth (AY) provides community based substance use treatment for children and youth ages 12-22 years, and their families. Our comprehensive range of services includes screening and intake, assessment, treatment and referral within the context of individual, family and group counselling. Treatment is provided to youth to assist them in exploring the underlying reasons for engaging in substance use, in reducing or discontinuing use, relapse prevention and/or referral to additional services. Counselling includes comprehensive education about the risks related to youth substance use. Parents and other family members are encouraged to participate in the youth's treatment.

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