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Your support is needed to have a significant impact on cycling in Canada!

The road to the Olympics - Tokyo 2020!  As we enter the critical period before the games, athlete support requirements intensify.  Due to the Canadian funding reality, road cycling does not receive any high-performance funding and your donation will help to change that.  Funds raised by the 1001 km Cycling Challenge will support road and track cycling projects to help elevate Canada’s cycling performance at the Olympics.

B2ten creates unique athlete training programs based on specialized assessments.  The customized team and individual plans will provide new opportunities for Canada’s cyclists to excel at the next Olympics and beyond.  Exceptional results with a long roster of athletes including Michael Woods and Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir demonstrate that B2ten’s approach is working for Canada’s athletes.

Thank you for supporting the 1001 km Cycling Challenge and Canada’s athletes.  When watching the Olympics, you will know that your donation helped to make a difference!

“Often when we think of epic rides, our minds quickly turn to the storied routes of Europe. But we have Epic right here in our own backyard. This ride is spectacular. The scenery, the camaraderie, the journey, the memories.  All Epic!” — CURT HARNETT (Multi-medalist, Olympic Cycling)

Please donate now or CLICK HERE for more information about Canada's Great Kitchen Party's 1001 km Cycling Challenge.

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