Babul Hawaij Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée: Babul Hawaij Foundation

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Our Mission


Azadari in Toronto Canada was first started by two brothers. Qasim Hasan and Qasim Hussain (commonly known as Hussaini Bhai). They started conducting majalis in 1972 from their apartment and later moved the majalis to Qasim Hussaini's home in 1977 where the official Imam Bargha was set up with Alam's and Zari's from their pervious aza khana in Lucknow India.

These majalis were organized by the family and were not endorsed by an organization. The mission was to provide a base or safe haven for the small community that was here in Toronto so that they can hold on to their roots of Aza-e-Hussain and not to be subjected by the corrupt western society of the time.

Bab Ul Hawaij Foundation is an Imambargah and a non-profit organization created to execute the requirements of our community and fulfill the growing needs of the Shias.

Our goal is to continue and bring together the shi’ites in Toronto commemorate the Aza of Hussain in honour of the Lady of Light Bibi Syeda A.S.

The Imambargah is a place of peace and unity where we all may gather in order to give condolences in the time of mourning and sadness

Babul Hawaij Foundation needs your support to be renovated and continue to be a place for future generations to come.

As Babul Hawaij Foundations expands we are looking to branch out and start conducting Language and training classes for Momineen who are new to this country Inshallah.


About Babul Hawaij Foundation

BHF- Bab Ul Hawaij Foundation Serving the Shia Ithna Ashri community in Canada for 40 years.

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