Baby It's Cold Outside Charitable Society

Dénomination enregistrée: Baby It's Cold Outside Charitable Society

Numéro d'entreprise: 798368288RR0001

In response to the increase in homelessness across Alberta, Baby it's Cold Outside has increased efforts to help supply Alberta’s homeless shelters with much-needed supplies to support the growing demand for basic necessities. Baby it's Cold Outside has expanded from a one-city annual clothing drive into an ongoing province-wide charity drive that collects basic necessities, such as clothing, food, toiletries and more. In addition, we provide to the Foothills area our annual Christmas Feast initiative, that includes all the Christmas fixings and some extra treats for the children at Christmas time to ease the stresses of the season in offering a hand up. this initiative is in high demand and quickly growing in size and geographically. In the longer term, our goal is to offer transitional housing to further support those who are working to rebuild their lives and need a hand up to find their way and reach independence. We also plan on facilitating a number of life-coaching sessions, including but not limited to: addiction recovery and maintenance, career development, resume building, and domestic violence recovery.

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