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Bach Elgar Choral Society

Dénomination enregistrée : Bach Elgar Choral Society

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The Bach Elgar Choir is Hamilton's renowned concert choir and a leader in Canadian choral music since 1905.

Bach Elgar Choral Society

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The Bach Elgar Choir is Hamilton’s renowned concert choir and a leader in Canadian choral music.

Founded in 1905 by Bruce Carey as The Elgar Choir, and merging with the Hamilton Bach Choir in 1946, the ensemble has been a vital part of Hamilton’s musical life for 115 years. Today, the Bach Elgar Choir remains dedicated to bringing beautiful music to all members of our community. Its productions are among the region’s most essential musical events. The BEC produces choral repertoire of many genres at the highest artistic standard and proudly champions Canadian music and artists.

Artistic Director Alexander Cann has focused on the major works of Bach, Elgar, and Mozart, whilst developing innovative and entertaining programs, such as Baroque Opera Choruses, a live soundtrack to the film Metropolis, and Canadian music from World War One. Accompanist Krista Rhodes is one of the most sought-after collaborators in the region. Cann and Rhodes together bring a dedication to artistic excellence and excitement in performance, growing BEC’s reputation and audience.




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