Dénomination enregistrée: BALLET CREOLE

Numéro d'entreprise: 135402600RR0001


Ballet Creole was founded in 1990 by Trinidadian-born dancer, choreographer and drummer, Patrick Parson.  Its creation was inspired by the void that existed at that time with respect to the representation of culturally-inspired dance on mainstream Canadian stages.

Ballet Creole presents Contemporary dance infused with traditional movement aesthetics of the African Diaspora. The Company's choreography integrates Contemporary, Modern, Ballet, and traditional dance styles, often portraying culture that has survived for hundreds of years in the Americas and the Caribbean.  

Ballet Creole also runs a School of dance and music for the general community and for aspiring dance artists.

Ballet Creole's mission is to educate and Through excellence in Dance

It does this through the following ongoing activities:

*an annual Dance Season at Toronto’s Fleck Dance Theatre, that includes two main productions:

     -a holiday production entitled SOULFUL MESSIAH

     -a Spring production highlighting new and older ballets from resident and guest choreographers

*an annual tour of Ontario schools, reaching upwards of 20,000 youth through performances and workshops    

*dance and drumming classes for children, youth and adults including a Children’s Summer Arts Camp, as well as Pre-Professional training for aspiring dance artists.

*performances in communities

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