BBB Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée: BBB Education Foundation of Manitoba Inc.

Numéro d'entreprise: 758513725RR0001

The BBB Foundation has recognized the need to help encourage the ethical workers of tomorrow by offering them a training opportunity through the LIFT Business Ethics Certification Program. By impacting the lives of youth at this moment, we'll be strengthening the workforce of the future.

The LIFT Business Ethics Certification Program is a free workshop that teaches employees and students the importance of integrity and ethics and how both of those areas affect them right now and in their future. The workshop offers an introduction to business ethics as well as personal character lessons. These lessons focus on topics like responsibility, character, values, and development. Our program concludes with each student presenting their project and signing the LIFT Commitment to Conduct. They are presented with a certificate that can be attached to their resume or CV.

*Trade-Mark(s) of the International Association of Better Business Bureaus used under license.

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