BC Parks Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée: BC Parks Foundation

Numéro d'entreprise: 731307492RR0001

Our wild, incredible backyard is core to who we are as British Columbains. This beautiful province contains the sixth largest parks system in the world, which is home to the highest diversity of life in Canada.

Parks are our identity. They are our past, present and future. They are our history, our community, our cathedrals, our playgrounds.  

The BC Parks Foundation is leading the expedition to create the best parks system in the world. On this expedition, we will make parks modern, inclusive and exciting by bringing nature, technology, design and community together.

Your support will make this happen. Your support will connect British Columbians and visitors to our amazing natural spaces. Your support will leave a legacy on B.C.'s park system, ensuring it is protected for generations to come. Your support will keep B.C. beautiful.

Join the parks forever expedition, today.

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