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Bear Clan Patrol Inc.

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Bear Clan Patrol Inc.

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Bear Clan Patrol

Mission: The Bear Clan Patrol is a community based- solution to crime prevention, providing a sense of safety, solidarity and belonging to both its members and to the communities they serve. Bear Clan Patrol came about because of the ongoing need to assume our traditional responsibility to provide a sense of safety to our Aboriginal community. Given that the Indigenous population in Winnipeg is over 100,000 citizens and is heavily concentrated in certain inner-city community members. The concept was and continues to be community people working with the community to provide a sense of safety in the inner city in a nonthreatening, nonviolent, and supportive way.

Food Hamper Drive:

The Bear Clan Patrol Is constantly growing and inspiring to help the community on many levels, by providing a place for struggling community members to collect food for their families and individuals that need the assistance.

The Bear Clan Patrol has partnered with different grocery store locations around the city that donate food daily, the food is picked up daily, sorted, cleaned, and bagged per individual and family sizes. The food is then distributed through the food hamper drive at the Bear Clan location to community members. The food drive is geared towards a barrier free program allowing community members a safe space to collect food for their household size. Clothing of all sizes is donated and handed out to community members. Serving 500-700 community members daily Mon-Fri. We Would like to recognize all store locations, members, and volunteers for their hard work in ensuring this can be a successful program for those who are in need within the community.

Youth Patrol

The Bear Clan Patrol provides a safe space for youth to learn land base activities, language, and cultural teachings. This helps engage youth within the community, have a place of belonging and allows traditions to be passed down from elders. Language speakers teach Ojibway and Cree to members, volunteers, youth and on scheduled patrols. Events that have been successful are Bannock making classes, medicine picking/teaching, strawberry picking, trips to camp manitou, mural painting, fishing expeditions, experiencing the traditions of a “sweat”. Bear Clan Patrol strives to expand in providing youth the opportunity to experience more and offer a place to grow and learn more within land-based activities, culture, and language knowledge.



Missing Persons

The Bear Clan Patrol also helps facilitate in finding missing persons, with a strong working relationship with Winnipeg police service/ missing persons unit.  Bear Clan Patrol has designated a social media page to only missing persons, to help locate those missing and reunite them with their loved ones. The proper information is collected to make a poster with the persons name, age, last seen location and it’s posted on the Bear Clan Patrol Facebook page. Patrols perform searches when required in various locations.



We are also offering moccasin making classes offered to community members at no cost. Limited space is available, and 10 class session commitment is required.

The Bear Clan Patrol is grateful for the generous monetary, food/clothing donations, grants, and to all board members, members and volunteers for their hard work and dedication. Thank you for you all the support and efforts in helping the community.

If you would like to donate you can donate through Canada helps, or mail a cheque to address listed below.


Bear Clan Patrol Inc.

Mailing address: CHEQUE

Bear Clan Patrol Inc.

565 Selkirk Avenue

Winnipeg, MB




Bear Clan Patrol Inc.

565 selkirk ave

Winnipeg, MB, R2W 2M8

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