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Bear Conflict Solutions Institute

Dénomination enregistrée : Bear Conflict Solutions Institute

Numéro d'entreprise : 887464105RR0001

Bear Conflict Solutions Institute

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Our Mission

To reduce and minimize human caused bear mortality and incidents of bear human conflict.

About BEAR CONFLICT SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE (formerly Karelian Bear Shepherding Institute of Canada)

Bear mortality related to human conflicts is perhaps the largest single factor affecting long-term population viability. As human populations continue to extend into bear habitat throughout North America, either through residential development, recreational use or industrial use, bear human conflicts increase.

Our organization aims to reduce human caused bear mortality and incidents of human-bear conflict. This is achieved through specialized training courses and innovative applied research. We are involved in a variety of initiatives that focus on reducing people’s interactions with bears while living, working and recreating in bear country. These include our unique Bearproof Garbage Bin Loaner Program, Bear Hazard Assessments, and Natural Attractant Management. Please see for more information.


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