Beautiful World Canada Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée: Beautiful World Canada Foundation

Numéro d'entreprise: 842133480RR0001

Our Mission

To help ten million passionate and dedicated students excel in their high school and University or College educations; enabling them to create a bright future for themselves, their communities and their countries.

About Beautiful World

Beautiful World Canada has established partnerships with organizations that are outstanding in their endeavours and achievements; vetted and accredited by ourselves and other reputable national and international agencies. Our partners have mastered the art of rising above challenges to create African solutions for African problems. They are community based organizations who assess each child for need and potential and provide them with support.

Many organizations support primary school, but after that, most African children see their dreams wither and die. Culturally, education for boys is prioritized. Young girls will be responsible for the household chores; many are forced into working as servants, early marriage or prostitution. We focus on higher education with a priority of education for girls. We know that transformative change takes time. Therefore, Beautiful World’s commitment for each child averages six years of support through high school and university or trade school.

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