Dénomination enregistrée: CITY IN FOCUS FOUNDATION

Numéro d'entreprise: 891636573RR0001

Our Mission

The ministry of CIty in Focus exists to care for the soul of the city.

Vibrant faith working itself out in one’s personal, professional, and public life. Our staff, associates, and partners work alongside business, professional and political leaders, university students, and social service providers to help this faith come more alive. We assist the flow of ideas that lead to action on a wide spectrum of issues facing the city and the province. We set up events and gatherings, as well as provide one-on-one pastoral guidance-- introducing people to each other and to local churches. These networks facilitate dialogue and partnerships between diverse sectors to address complex issues.

Our commitment to increase the real and visible presence of Jesus within the city of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia gets the centre of attention. We envision God working to make a better future for this city, the province of British Columbia, and for the world.

About City in Focus

City in Focus (CIF) enters into a Ministry Staff relationship with the common purpose of communicating Jesus’ gospel to and ministering to the cities and province of British Columbia. One of the leading principles of CIF is to encourage other like-minded ministries. The nature of this relationship is more theological and proximal than it is organizational.

An Associate Ministry Staff of City in Focus is someone who works independently doing ministry work, but shares in the philosophy of ministry and has the opportunity to share in fellowship, synergy and opportunities to reach Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

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