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Maui Wildfire Support

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Maui Wildfire Support

UPDATE October 2023:

The aftermath of the summer wildfires in Lahaina and upcountry Maui will be felt for a very long time. Our project partner, Disaster Aid USA, deployed their Lead DART director to Maui to assess projects for support. His report shared so much continued need in the area and our teams are getting to work to put your donation funds into the hands of those that need it most. The people there are in need of all the love and help they can get because this is a long-term problem. 

The first of the supported projects is to help a local service group fill in the gaps where government agencies aren’t by providing school supplies and temporary schools to kids affected by the fire. They provide community events to lift the kids' spirits such as family movie nights and they will be hosting a Thanksgiving celebration. Kids are some of the most emotionally hard hit by the realities of the fire. Money donated will continue to support much-needed school support as well as councilors to assist folks with mental health issues. 

Another supported project is focusing on providing financial assistance to those who have lost jobs and homes in the fire, so far they have provided assistance to 900 families. In addition, they have been operating a food bank that is providing not only food but other necessities. Most of the people they are serving are either not insured or underinsured and are having difficulty getting assistance to clear debris from their property. The next step is for Disaster Aid USA to provide a Disaster Aid trailer to help with debris removal and tool access and to help coordinate more volunteers to clean up.

We will continue to provide updates on the work your support is funding in Maui. Thank you for all that you help us do.

Please continue to support these people as they rebuild. 

August 2023:

Disaster Aid Canada has been in touch with our partners in Maui and with Disaster Aid USA in order to assess the situation and the up-to-date needs of those directly affected by the fires. The needs of the region of Lahaina are such that getting aid to the people is challenging and that's why we rely on our qualified contacts at Disaster Aid USA, trained in SmartAid disaster relief to be able to relay the needs our way.

The death toll is now over 100 as the fires continue to grow. State Representative Troy Hashimoto has been quoted as emphasizing the importance of donations to Maui and how it's a "marathon and not a sprint. The recovery time will be quite long and; for those of you who’ve not donated yet, there’s still time.”

Our hearts go out to the people of Maui who have lost their homes, loved ones, friends and family.

Please donate so we can help those in need with vital aid and resources.