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Be Grain Safe is a program that will save lives.

From 1990 to 2012 Canadian Agricultural lnjury Reporting (CAIR) reported that there were 17 fatalities due to suffocation in grain, 5 under the age of 20. In 2015 alone,according to media reports there was a total of 9 entrapments. Two individuals were successfully rescued.Unfortunately seven were not. Of the 7 fatalities,4 were youth aged 11-14.

As evidenced by the fatalities from grain engulfment there is a gap in grain entrapment awareness and training and grain volumes, storage capacities and handling rates continue to grow in Canada. This project attempts to fill this need for Canadian farmers, farm children, farm workers, visitors to the farm and first responders. We aim to build understanding around the dangers of moving grain. When grain is in movement it acts like quicksand.

CASA would develop bilingual grain prevention and awareness materials and provide training for designated provincial partner delivery in their respective provinces.

  • Emergency responders: CASA would facilitate training of a core group of Canadian fire educators on state of the art rescue techniques,facilitating these individuals to then train emergency response personnel in their provinces with the assistance of the grain safety mobile rescue training unit.
  • On-site training: CASA would facilitate training of occupational health and safety professionals from each province in emergency planning strategies for agricultural workplaces with large volume grain storage capacities.
  • Youth training - CASA would provide bilingual youth safety resources to volunteers organizing kids farm safety days across Canada.

CASA would develop a Be Grain Safe website that will allow Canadians to access valuable grain safety resources. With the above training and resources in place, we will help spread awareness of dangers of being in and around grain (wheat, barley, pulses,corn, oats, canola) to children and adults involved in farming or visiting a farm.

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