Partners in Education Ethiopia

Dénomination enregistrée: Frances G. Cosco Foundation

Numéro d'entreprise: 827187774RR0001

Our projects in Ethiopia take a holistic approach to increasing access to, and improving the quality of, education. In each community that we work, we assess all of the factors inhibiting quality education in the local school, and address those factors in concert.  

Areas of concern typically include not only inadequate school facilities, teachers, and educational materials, but also poor attendance and inability to learn due to health issues, children working because of family poverty, and lack of support because of adult illiteracy in the home. 

Our projects include school building and latrine construction, provision of furniture and books, as well as teacher training, school greening and educational gardening programs, and sanitation and hygiene workshops. We follow-up these programs for 3-5 years, until they become self-sustainable in the communities. We work in partnership with various local and international NGOs as well as communities, governments, and academic institutions in Ethiopia.

Communities contribute up to 70% of the cost of the projects, in cash, upon signing the project agreement. The salary of our Ethiopian Executive Director, the Canadian office costs, accounting services, and website management costs are specifically covered by the founders. All Directors meeting and travel costs to and from Ethiopia are covered by the Directors personally. Consequently we are able to direct all other donors' money specifically to project costs.

We opened our first school in November 2015.  As of September 2020 we will have opened 13 schools and another is under construction.  Programs and training workshops are ongoing in all schools.

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