Dénomination enregistrée: FRIENDS OF THE HORN OF AFRICA

Numéro d'entreprise: 835333543RR0001

Our Mission

Friends of the Horn of Africa is a sister organization to Partners in the Horn of Africa (also profiled on Canada Helps). Friends supports all administrative expenses associated with Partners’ work, including office rent and equipment, staff salaries, and travel, both in Canada and Ethiopia. Because of this division, we are able to assure donors that 100% of donations to Partners go to support project costs in Ethiopia.

Partners, which Friends has been established to uniquely support, is a non-demoninational, registered Canadian charity, founded in 2002. We work with both rural and urban communities, focusing our efforts and investments in areas of unmet need. Our projects respond to community requests, addressing a wide range of needs including education, child protection, basic infrastructure, water and sanitation, gender equality, food security, natural resource management, and sustainable livelihoods. All projects are proposed by the community of Ethiopian civil society partner, which has to contribute at least 15% of the total project cost. Our Ethiopian partner plays an essential role in project design, decision-making, implementation, and monitoring.

Among Friends’ supporters are individuals, trade unions, and foundations. Friends is also supported in part by the individual Directors of Partners in the Horn of Africa. We invite you to join our circle of Friends.


Friends maintains small offices in Enderby, BC and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our small team of dedicated staff, based from these offices, makes Partners’ poverty reduction and empowerment objectives a reality through their day to day work. Our Ethiopian staff are known for their exceptional and empowering relationships with the communities and community-based organizations with whom we work. Our Canadian staff take great pride in responsibly and efficiently stewarding our supporters’ funds and connecting Canadians to the important work we are carrying out in Ethiopia.

Partners, with Friends’ support, has completed over 250 projects since its founding and manages roughly 60 active projects at any one time.

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